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Got 10 Minutes? Let's Give Your Brand Voice a Personal Touch! ⏱️

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I talk a lot about Brand Voice here, Reader, and there's a good reason for it.

My goal?

To help you craft an authentic brand and market it effortlessly in a way that feels natural to you.

This approach ensures you connect meaningfully with your audience, building that essential know, like, and trust factor.

And your brand voice is at the heart of that.

I share a lot of tools and advice to craft content in your brand voice, specifically using my favorite assistant, ChatGPT. But it assumes that you already have one crucial element in place: your brand voice!

➡️This leads to the million-dollar question: Where does this brand voice come from? How is it initially defined, and how can you strengthen it?

Well, my friends, it starts with your personal brand voice.

Think about it. Every business brand, at its core, starts with a personal brand.

Whether you're the face of your brand or not, the essence of who you are invariably shapes the business you build. And this isn't just about the visuals or the services you offer; it's about the voice of your brand. That distinct personality, the tone of speech... it's all a reflection of your own voice, your personal brand.

So, if we're talking defining your brand voice, you need to start by figuring out your personal brand's voice! And lucky for you, I have a fun way to figure that out!

But first, let's get on the same page:

  • Your Personal Brand goes beyond just a professional identity; it's essentially how you show up in the world, in every aspect of your life. It's the unique blend of your skills, values, personality, and the way you interact with the world around you. This isn't about fitting into a professional mold or standing out among entrepreneurs alone—it's about making your mark as the authentic you, in every context.
  • Your Business Brand takes this a step further, encapsulating not just who you are personally or professionally, but also how your business interacts with the world. It's influenced by your personal values and vision, but it's also about how your customers experience what you've built.

The sweet spot? Your Brand Voice and Personality. This is where your personal and business branding blend, creating a voice that's authentically yours yet polished enough for professional excellence.

Now for the fun part...

Discover your personal brand voice with ChatGPT in under 10 minutes!

Ready for a little experiment, Reader? Let's dive into your personal brand with a simple ChatGPT prompt. First, enter this prompt:

ChatGPT Prompt: Can you help me define my personal brand voice? Here's a mash-up of my personality traits, hobbies, work ethic, and a dash of astrological flair. Can you distill this into my personal brand essence and suggest how it might shape my brand voice?

Now for your mash-up of data that you give Chat:

I want you to draft a paragraph that paints a vivid picture of who you are. Sprinkle in the results from any personality-type tests or career assessments you've encountered over the years—think Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, Human Design, Astrology signs, you name it. Then add in more about you, your hobbies, passions, your career aspirations, how your friends would describe you, etc.

The goal here is authenticity, not perfection. Allow yourself a quick five-minute brainstorm. If it starts sounding like a dating profile, you are on the right track!

Then hit enter, and let the magic unfold!

While this is a fun way to spend your next 10 minutes, I don't want it to end right after you read this email and head over to Chat!

Take a moment to reflect on how you can weave more of your personal brand voice into your business' brand voice.

And the next time you're new content, remember to infuse more of your brand voice into it... and if you need help, just ask Chat to do it for you!



P.S. Don't keep those breakthroughs or lightbulb moments to yourself—I'm here for all of it! Hit reply and let me know what you discovered about your own brand voice from this ChatGPT Prompt.

Kristin Lawton

Chief Marketing Mixologist
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